Lateinische Sprachrelikte
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23.05.19Ö ha brrr
  • classis = Bürgerklasse, Stand; classicus = Bürger der ersten Klasse
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    GLAS. -The Townland names having GLAS as their first syllable are usually derived from the Irish glas, "green," as Glasmullagh, glas mullach, "green summit," though sometimes they are anglicised forms of glaise, " a stream " or " rivulet," as Glasnarget, glaise an airgid, " brook of the silver." The Scotch Gaelic word glas has several meanings, amongst others it signifies " green," as Glaister, "green land" Ayrshire. In Manx the word glass denotes " grey-green," also "blue" and "pale," as in Ballaglass, " green farm." Compare Welsh glas, Cornish glâs, and Breton glâz or glâs

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