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    MAUL, MEEL. -MAUL is from the Irish meall, "a hill," "hillock," or "eminence." There are over 50 Townlands having this prefix in the Index, as Maulmore, meall mor, "great hill." In the Gaelic of Scotland the word is meall, and it forms part of the names of numbers of hills in Scotland, as Mealgarve, "rough hill" (Sutherlandshire). In Manx "a cape," "bare headland," or "top of a hill " is meayl,
  • lat. Mel, mellis = Honig, siehe auch Melm

  • Link Melben 90556 Cadolzburg Wald nördlich Zautendorf
  • Link Hummelleite 91220 Schnaittach Wald westl. Kirchensittenbach;
  • Link Melben 91757 Treuchtlingen westl. Schambach
  • Link Hummelbühl 92342 Freystadt, Äcker östl. OT Möningerberg
  • Link Hummelberg 93333 Neustadt/Donau Äcker nördl. Marching
  • Link Hummeltal 93336 Altmannstein, Äcker nördl. Schamhaupten
  • Link Melben 96117 Memmelsdorf Äcker, nordöstl. Memmelsdorf
  • Link Melm 96231 Staffelstein Äcker nördl. Unterneuses
  • Link Melm 96250 Ebenfeld Äcker und Wiesen östl. Kümmel