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  • Der Flurname Saugraben bezeichnet die im Bild deutlich erkennbaren Stein-Reihen
  • BLfD 09/13: -
  • Flurnamen: Saugraben; Am Asper; Die Haslach; Kemmat-Thal; Im schwarzen Loh; Pfannenstiel
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    CARN.-The Irish word cairn, or carn, " a heap of stones," appears in the Index many times in its anglicised form CARN, as Carnlough, carn a7 locha, " the carn of the lough or lake." There axe 47 Townlands named CARN, and over 200 where this word is the first syllable of the Townland name. CARN is frequently met with in Scotch topography, from the Gaelic cam or cairn, as Carn<och " hind's cairn or hill " (Galloway). The Manx word is also cam, as Carnageay, " cairn of the wind." Compare Welsh carn, Cornish carn, and Breton karn, " a rock " or " large stone/' and karnak and karnez, " a heap of rocks or large stones."
  • gefunden: [sgàirneach] nm. g.v. -ich; pl. -ich, a continuous heap of loose stones on a steep hill-side
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