Lateinische Sprachrelikte im bayerischen Dialekt


Ur-Bayerisch ist keine Variante der deutschen Sprache, sondern Latein.

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  • wohl ein vorrömischer -also keltischer- Ortsteil
  • CAHER, CAHIR. - CAHER, CAHIR are anglicised forms of the Irish cathair or cathaoir, "a city" or "stone fort". This word gives the name to several Townlands, while many others commence with it, such as Cahergal, cathair geal, "white caher or stone fort". Cathair is also found in the Gaelic of Scotland, as in Carlin, "the fort at the pool" (Orkney). There is an old word in Manx, caayr, which signifies " an abode", "dwelling-place" or "city". Compare Welsh caer, Cornish caer, and Breton kear and ker.
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